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Our Men’s Group meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 8:00am in the fellowship hall. A few of our guys come early to join Pastor Eddie in preparing a hearty breakfast!

There is no set agenda for this gathering with fellow christian men, we talk about whatever is on our minds. Often this time is used to discuss prayer needs or ongoing sermon series. As well, we might talk about….FOOTBALL!!!

Getting to know the other guys in our church is the main reason we gather, however a plate of fresh made pancakes is a great incentive! We believe that to strengthen the bond between our church members is to strengthen our church, and advance our relationships with Christ.

The chow varies from month to month and Pastor Eddie can whip it up like pro! Come join us at the men’s breakfast as we, for a couple of hours, convert the fellowship hall in to our MAN CAVE!!

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    Ok, I’m Rick Heid, the webmaster at Northside Christian Church. I decided to be the first to post and the awesome pancakes we had at the last gathering of our men folk were truly memorable! Complements to the Chef! Those of you who are watching this site get built….POST POST POST!!

  2. Rick,
    You are doing a great job building the site my friend! It’s easy to navigate and there is so much good information! This really is a great church and I am glad that I have been attending!

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      Thanks for checking out the new site Dave, and the kind words. I’m stoked you are joining us on Sundays, and thanks again so very much for helping out on the last “work day”!
      You are the first to post! You even beat our minister HAHAHAHA!!! (Looks glaringly at Eddie).

  3. It is wonderful to see you guys working together to build this informational engine.
    This will surely help to spread the gospel in many ways.
    To God be the glory.

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