Wednesday Bible Study

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Bible study is enjoyed Wednesday evening from 7pm till 8pm (or longer if we start really digging in to God’s word deeply as a group!).
Why Attend Bible Study?
Our knowledge of God’s Word is essential. The Bible is our:
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”.
To study the Bible with others is a spiritually rewarding experience. It helps us grow as Christians, and improve the quality of our lives as well as our ability to influence the world around us.
Hearing it and study of it is nourishment for our souls and minds and equips us with the ability to share the gospel with others. To study it together, under the guidence of a qualified minister is to ensure our understanding and strengthen or bond with each other as “the body of Christ”.
Refreshments are served. Everyone is welcome and we hope you will join us!

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  1. Congrats to Pastor Eddie for making it through chapter 10 as promised. WOOT WOOT! Imagine the nerve of the leaders at Corinth suggesting they were “more important” than Paul. It was Paul who brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to that “sin city” in the first place!

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